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Check It Out: New Grant Opportunity!


Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation
1560 Wilson Boulevard Suite 1150
Arlington, Virginia 22209

Email: mmea.foundation@meus.mea.com

Phone: 703.276.8240

Priorities and Guidelines: http://www.meaf.org/how_to_apply/priorities_guidelines/

How to Apply: http://www.meaf.org/how_to_apply/

Leadership Priority success stories (funded projects): http://www.meaf.org/success_stories/

Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation (MEAF) is the corporate foundation of the Mitsubishi Electric group companies in the United States. MEAF works to make Changes for the Better in society by investing in innovative strategies to empower youth with disabilities to lead productive lives. MEAF accepts concept papers from January 1st to June 1st to be considered for the following year’s funding. 6-12 grants each year range from $10K to $75K, for one to three years.

By developing their leadership and self-advocacy skills, youth with disabilities will be prepared to successfully transition to adulthood and inclusive employment. Strategies MEAF has supported with recent grants include: Self-Advocacy, Service and Volunteerism, and Youth and the Environment.

More information here: http://www.meaf.org/how_to_apply/

Find out if you’re eligible: http://www.meaf.org/how_to_apply/priorities_guidelines/