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Check It Out: New Grant Opportunity!

Grant Name:  Captain Planet Foundation Education Grants 

Funded by:  The Captain Planet Foundation

Description:  The foundation supports projects that: 1) Promote understanding of environmental issues; 2) Focus on hands-on involvement; 3) Involve children and young adults 6-18 (elementary through high school); 4) Promote interaction and cooperation within the group; 5) Help young people develop planning and problem solving skills; 6) Include adult supervision; 7) Commit to follow-up communication with the foundation (specific requirements are explained once the grant has been awarded).

Program Areas:  Community Involvement/Volunteerism, General Education, Science/Environment, Social Studies, All Other

Recipients:  Public School, Private School, Other

Proposal Deadline:  9/30/13, 1/31/14

Average Amount:  $250.00 – $2,500.00

Contact Person:  Kathy Lively at 404-522-4159

Email:  livelyk@captainplanetfdn.org

Website:  http://www.captainplanetfoundation.org

Availability:  All States


Grant Name:  Donald Samull Classroom

Funded by:  Herb Society of America

Description:  Public and/or private 3rd through 6th grade teachers, with classes of a minimum of 15 students may apply for an indoor or an outdoor herb garden grant. The Herb Society of America in cooperation with Prepara® chef’s performance tools will award five (5) schools each year with indoor herb growing stations. The classrooms selected will receive four (4) Prepara® Power Plant pro indoor soil-less gardening stations and educational materials to use in the classroom. The Herb Society of America will provide the educational materials. The Herb Society of America will select four (4) schools/classrooms to receive $200 “Seed Money” to establish an outdoor herb garden. The funds may be used for supplies such as soil, plant trays, containers, child or youth sized tools, etc.

Program Areas:  Science/Environmental

Application Form

Proposal Deadline:  October 1, 2013 with awards announced December 1, 2013.

Average Amount:  $200.00

Address:  9019 Kirtland Chardon Rd., Kirtland, OH 44094

Telephone:  440-256-0514


Availability:  All States