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Check It Out: New Grant Opportunity!

Grant NameKeep Gym in School Grant

Funded byNFL Network

DescriptionNFL Network’s Keep Gym in School program continues its mission to boost fitness and physical education across the country, as latest studies show youth facing alarming rates of obesity and related diseases. In 2012-2013, NFL Network is teaming up with NFL Play 60 and the Super Schools program to offer $10,000 grants to schools in 32 team markets and 2 national markets that show their commitment to health and wellness. NFL Network will make the Super Schools even more super this year! Together with our distribution partners, we will award an additional $10,000 grant to one school in each Super School district. Keep Gym in School grant winners will be announced at the NFL Draft in April 2013. Nominations are only accepted online at

Program AreasPhysical Education

RecipientsPublic School, Private School

Proposal Deadline3/1/13

Average Amount$10,000.00


AvailabilityAll States

Check it Out: Grant Opportunity!

Grant Name: Baseball Tomorrow Fund Grant

Funded by: Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association

Description: Baseball Tomorrow Fund will review all grant applications and will be most interested in projects that help: Increase the number of youth participating in baseball and softball programs; Improve the quality of youth baseball and softball programs; Create new or innovative ways of expanding and improving baseball or softball programs; Generate matching funds for programs; Address programs for children aged 10-16; Support existing programs which have demonstrated success in providing a quality baseball/softball experience for youth; Address opportunities for minorities and women. General Requirements: All Baseball Tomorrow Fund grant applications must meet the following requirements: Projects should significantly expand baseball or softball programs in a measurable way. Projects must correspond to a demonstrated need. Projects must have measurable objectives that are achievable within a specific time frame. Projects must include a plan-of-action detailing how the stated goals will be achieved. Project proposals must be complete and submitted to Baseball Tomorrow Fund by the beginning of any of the four grant review cycles. Projects must be evaluated in relation to their stated objectives. Evaluation reports must be submitted within timelines established by Baseball Tomorrow Fund. Projects must acknowledge Baseball Tomorrow Fund support on all public documents, press materials, and public statements. Projects must be audited as required by Baseball Tomorrow Fund. Projects must comply with all Baseball Tomorrow Fund Terms and Conditions.

Program Areas: Facilities/Maintenance, Health/PE

Recipients: Public Schools, Other

Proposal Deadline: 7/1/10

Average Amount: $50,000.00



Availability: All States