Can I Apply for Grants During Summer?

Not only can you apply for grants in the summer, I hardily encourage it. Most educators will be vacationing and taking it easy. That means it is the perfect time for you to apply for grants because there will be less competition for grant dollars. That makes your job easier.

As we go into summer, as you relax and recharge those batteries, I challenge you to spend just a small part of your vacation time finding and writing grants for your classroom or school. It is a great feeling to win money for a program. You and your students reap the benefits. You might have extra materials, a chance to use different learning styles, or the opportunity to develop unique learning environments that may never have been possible within the regular school budget.

Although some state and federal grants can be written during the summer, you may want to focus on foundation grants. Many have quarterly deadlines that end in the summer making them great for summer grant writing.

Because school money is really tight these days, you will need to find as many foundation grants as you can that fit your situation. You should always begin with the free grant database that Discount School Supply provides you. It is comprehensive and lists just about every grant available to you in the selected categories.

Using this database and writing during the summer gives you two advantages that many schools will not have. It’s time to put those advantages to work. Start looking today at the types of problems you will have when the fall semester begins. Match those problems with the foundation grants available in the Discount School Supply free grant database, and then apply for several of those grants.

You may not get money from every grant, but if you apply for several, you have a good chance of getting money from one or two. You must begin planning now so that when school is out, you are ready to start completing those applications and getting them in the mail.

Start today! The grants you get may make this the best summer vacation you’ve ever had.

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